About Me  


I’m passionate about designing and creating, and always aspire to grow and learn new things. 

I believe in finding a balance and harmony between creating user-functional products and a healthy, accessible user experience.

I have an impressive work ethic and great teamwork skills.

I would love to collaborate with design lovers and companies working in the field, in order to create products that have meaningful value.

On a more personal note, I think black is the happiest color because of its force, elegance and mystery – characteristics I can really fond of. My happiness muscles stretch to their fullest when I do yoga, meet people (especially those who are serious about humor), watch foreign films or get my hands on a special piece from a second hand shop. The best conversationalist is the one who can listen-this is me, pleased to meet you.


Feel free to contact me in the following ways:

Email: 10sariti@gmail.com

Phone: +972 509879988

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